Dyan’s Country Kitchen opened in 2006 and has been a local favorite since. Owner Dyan Harpest, A Parkland resident for more than 15 years, runs the restaurant as if it was her family kitchen, using fresh, quality ingredients and offering home-style cooking. She loves working in the restaurant. Dyan likes to know that everything is high quality and wants to make sure her customers are happy.

Prior to opening Dyan’s Country Kitchen, Dyan gained her experience in the restaurant industry from years of operating Duffy’s Diner in Fort Lauderdale.

Our Short History



Before Duffy’s, she lived in New England and put herself through college in the industry, working since a teen. She always had a good work ethic. Her mom is her biggest inspiration with her delicious cooking and the positive way she lives her life.

At Dyan’s Country Kitchen, we pride ourselves on serving food that many people had growing eating, but in a more innovative style and always freshly prepared with generous portions and great prices. You will always find something delicious! Our offerings of salads and lighter fare and healthy options is important to our customers and us as well

So, the next time you are thinking about food, be sure to stop by our Country kitchen, we know you’ll love what you get.